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Pool Safety Checks Port Douglas

Pool safety checks Port Douglas should be conducted regularly, to ensure compliance. Pool safety certificates (Form 23) are current for two years from the time of issue. For commercial properties, inspections should be completed annually, or bi-annually at a minimum. Residential pool safety checks should be conducted with the same frequency, or at the time of sale and/or signing of a new lease. The most common non-compliance issues we discover, during our Port Douglas pool safety checks are as follows.

  1. Gates being propped open, with chairs, pot plants or statues.
  2. Climbable objects positioned near the gate or fence. This can be trees and shrubs or furniture.
  3. Damaged gates that are no longer self-closing or self-latching.
  4. Ground movement which has created excess space underneath your gate or fence.

Maintaining compliance and the integrity of your pool fence, gate and barrier is the easiest way to prevent drowning and immersion injuries in our pools. Our pool safety checks are about keeping young children safe and minimising risk. Our Director Belinda Cooper, of Port Douglas Pool Inspection, Pestaway and All Building Pool and Pest Inspection, has been a Pool Safety Inspection for over 5 years. She’s passionate about keeping our pools safe and helping you stay compliant with all pool safety laws and requirements.

Based in Mowbray, we’re pleased to provide same day service for Port Douglas pool safety checks and for customers across the Douglas Shire. For more information, or to book a pool inspection, contact us today on (07) 4015 5715 or email We’re also pleased to provide the below check list, as a quick guide to the requirements.

Port Douglas Pool Fence Safety Check

  • Is your pool fence in good condition – no holes or broken areas?
  • Are the gaps between the fence rails less than 100mm?
  • Is the distance between the bottom of the pool fence and the ground less than 100mm?
  • Is the height of your fence at least 1.2 metres high?
  • Is your pool fence at least 900mm away from any climbable structure e.g. trees and garden furniture?

Pool Gate Safety Check Port Douglas

  • Is your gate self-closing and latching?
  • Does your gate open outwards?
  • Is the release mechanism shielded?
  • If your gate latch is outside the gate is it at least 1.5m above ground level?
  • If your gate latch is inside the gate, is it shielded or 150mm below the top of the gate so that a child cannot open the gate and at least 1.2m above ground level?

Pool Safety Checks Port Douglas

  • Is there a compliant resuscitation (CPR) sign prominently displayed on the pool fence?
  • Is there a 900mm ‘clear area’ around the outside of your fence?
  • Is there a 300mm ‘clear area’ around the inside of your fence?
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Pool Safety Laws

The Port Douglas pool safety laws are the same as those across Queensland. They were introduced as a protection mechanism, to prevent drownings, and are enforceable with inspections and fines.

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Pool Inspections

Our qualified and licensed Port Douglas pool inspectors are available to provide prompt, same day service. We’ll help you ensure your pool meets all relevant regulations and compliancy. For residential and commercial pools.

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Pool Safety Checks

The 5 most common non-compliance issues are as follows. Leaving the gate open, leaving climbing objects near the fence, improper gates and locking mechanisms and non-compliant heights, above or below the fence.

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